Balloon Pop Centerpiece DIY

This will probably be the easiest DIY you have ever done, but so versatile. These Balloon Pops are super cheap, fast, and easy to make, and you could possibly already have all the items you need to make this project right now! Balloon Pops are great as party decor- gathering a few into a vase or colorful party cup to use as a centerpiece or pass out to little ones to run love balloons...I mean they obsessively love balloons. 

SKILL LEVEL: Insanely Easy

TIME: 15 minutes (per dozen)


  • Water Balloons
  • Paper Straws (You could even mix it up and use any leftover party straws you have lying around for a fun mix of patterns and colors)
  • Hair Pin or Pick
  • Balloon Pump (Optional)

Balloon Pop DIY Project by Revelry Good modern party store

STEP 1: Inflate as many balloons as you want to use. We strongly encourage the use of a manual balloon pump to save your cheeks. Or you will leave this project with what feels like a droopy face. They are usually less than $10, and a great tool for all your ballooning needs now and future parties to come.

Balloon Pop DIY project by Revelry Goods modern party store

STEP 2: Using your hair pin or any type of pick you have available, stuff the tied end of the balloon into the top of a straw. (As you can see...we selected a hair pin bedazzled with a sparkly butterfly). This is your chance to be fun and mix and match different color balloons with different straws for a fun medley.

Balloon Pop DIY Project by Revelry Good modern party store

STEP 3: Repeat as many times as you need to make as many centerpieces as you like. We used a dozen to make one centerpiece.

Balloon Pop DIY Project by Revelry Good modern party store

And that completes the easiest DIY project ever! This post is specifically to make centerpieces. If you intend to pass these out to kids so they can run around with them like magnificent wands, one extra thing you can do to secure the balloon a bit better for play- tie a string a little longer than the length of the straw, guide it through the straw to the other end and tie to a bead. That way the balloon does not disconnect. Nothing scarier than a headless balloon pop. Am I right? 

Now go....make your easy peasy vibrant balloon pop centerpieces! Let us know how it comes out. Send us pics! 

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