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DIY Modern Spring Table Centerpiece

Posted on April 17 2019

DIY Modern Spring Table Centerpiece


We wanted to make a super cool table runner style centerpiece for Easter without breaking the bank. So, this awesome decor piece is made of paper. It's super easy to make, but I'm not gonna took a few hours to get the length I wanted of 4 feet. But keep in mind, that this can be smaller or longer or thinner or thicker depending on where you want to put it. This centerpiece would also be great for small round tables with fewer tubes used and arranged into a more round piece.

And we were thrilled to showcase this DIY on our local Channel 2 KPRC Houston Life.  LOOK MA! I'M ON TV!


TIME: 8 hours


  • 100 Sheets of Green Paper in several shades of green (65 lb thickness recommended)
  • Fresh Floral
  • Flower Water Tubes
  • Optional Add-ons for Variety: Easter Eggs, Little Chicks, Craft Carrots, and anything else you desire


  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

STEP 1: Cut all the sheets of green paper to different heights and widths.

STEP 2: Roll each sheet of cut paper into a tube and hot glue the seam. Some will be thicker, some thinner, some shorter, and some longer.

Easter table centerpiece DIY out of green paper

STEP 3: Once you have all your tubes made start with two tubes and stand them up straight flat on the surface you are working on. Then glue them together. Keep adding tubes of different shades and heights and thicknesses to create a very organic feel. Since we are making a runner, we made sure not to go more than a foot in width, and kept adding length to our centerpiece. You could also make a bunch of shorter versions of this and use it at small round tables. The width and length can be completely to your preference.

Green paper tubes to be used for a DIY Easter Table Centerpiece


STEP 4: Keep going until you feel you are done. We went for a long table runner style for a long table.

DIY Table Runner Centerpiece for Easter or Spring


STEP 5: Now your "vase" is ready to fill. We kept ours simple and very Spring just adding fresh floral. Cut your fresh floral and create little bouquets of flowers to add to your centerpiece. We like to use the Flower Water Tubes to keep the flowers hydrated and the Centerpiece looking good longer. 

Fresh floral for a Spring table centerpiece 

As mentioned before, this is where you can really make the centerpiece your own. Add the floral tubes at different heights. Don't feel like you need to fill all the tubes. And feel free to add any other Easter or Spring embellishments to complete your Centerpiece. Eggs balanced on top of some of the tubes would be cute, some crafty carrots sticking out of some would be fun, and any other creative twists are welcome.


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