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Streamer Wall "Hack" DIY

Posted on January 21 2019

Streamer Wall "Hack" DIY Photo backdrop Wall

Are you loving all those streamer wall backdrops that are so popular right now for a fun and festive backdrop. We do make these awesome custom streamer walls for our clients, and I will tell you they do take several hours over several days sometimes to create depending on the size and design.

Want to make a fun streamer backdrop, but low on budget and time? Have no fear, this fabulous Streamer Wall “Hack” will have you feeling like a rock star party stylist in very little time. This “recipe” is for a 3 ft across space. Feel free to double or triple it for more coverage, arranging the sections side by side. The backdrop we are about to make is doubled.


TIME: 30 Minutes


  • 3 Sets of Foil Fringe Metallic Curtains in 3 different colors of your choice (available at party stores or Amazon)
  • Command Hooks (if attaching to a wall) or Safety Pins (If attaching to a fabric backdrop)
  • Set of Pinwheels, or Honeycombs, or Tissue Fans, or Several Balloons in varying sizes and colors of your choice (also available at party stores or online)
  • Fishing line


  • Scissors
  • Photo Backdrop (optional)

Here are my supplies for this particular backdrop, but please remember that you can use any kind of pinwheels, honeycombs, fans, etc. in the quantities you desire. We choose to do a few pinwheels and small honeycombs for this one, and we will be attaching to a fabric backdrop. You can attach directly to a wall as well.

Supplies needed for a DIY Streamer Photo backdrop
And this is the photo backdrop we are working on for this DIY.
Photo Backdrop Stand

STEP 1: The curtains will be in 3 tiers on top of each other, each one shorter, so you can see color blocks of each curtain. Pick the curtain that will be your bottom color and attach it to the wall or fabric where you will have your backdrop. Most of these curtains have an adhesive backing and will stick straight to your wall or fabric. 

Silver Streamer Photo Backdrop DIY Wall

STEP 2: Take the next curtain, and cut 2-3 ft off in the pattern you like. You can do a straight line across, or make it funky and jagged,'s all up to you.

Then you will attach this on top of the curtain that you already placed on your wall.

Streamer Wall Photo Backdrop Wall DIY

You should see the bottom curtain peeking through at the bottom and your new color on top.

Blue and Silver Metallic Streamer Photo Backdrop Wall DIY

STEP 3: You will repeat STEP 2 with the last curtain, except cut 4-6 ft off in the pattern you like. This will go on top of the other two curtains. You should now see all 3 colors in 3 sections from top to bottom looking like a fun streamer wall.

Pink Metallic Streamer Photo Backdrop Wall DIY

STEP 4: Now to add some fun flair. You can use command hooks here to attach the items to a wall or tie on with fishing line depending on the spot you choose for your backdrop or we used safety pins to attach to the fabric. This is where those material choices come in to play and you get to have fun. You can either take some pinwheels, honeycombs, tissue fans, or make a mini balloon garland, or mix it up with all of these choices and decorate the top of this fun curtain wall to complete the festive look or like we did and scatter the fun all about. There are really no rules here, but we recommend overlapping pinwheels or fans of various sizes (some slightly higher, some slightly lower).

Attaching Pinwheels to a Streamer Backdrop Photo Wall

And just like that, you are done! Easy! And your photos will look amazing!

Pinwheel and Streamer Photo Backdrop Wall DIY


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