Meet the Revelry Goods Sisters

For our very first blog post, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share (and at times over-share) some stuff about ourselves so yall can better get to know us. (To get a quick overview of who we are and to add some context to this conversation, take a peek at our About Us page). To make this post a little more interesting, we thought it would be fun to interview each other “editorial style”. We met up an undisclosed location. Just kidding...I can disclose the location. It was our mom’s house so Babcia (translation=grandma) could occupy the kiddos. Those of you with kids know that you can’t get anything done with those beautiful tormentors. And this is the conversation we had dressed in our finest athleisure…

Basia: Am I allowed to give you a list of topics to stay away from?

Kasia: Who do you think you are? Britney Spears? (insert laughs by both parties)

Kasia: Since you technically started us on this adventure, I’ll ask you a question first. What made you want to start this venture?

Basia: Planning my kids parties, I like going all out, and I finally get to put my art degree to good use...hahaha. I like more modern and unique options for party supplies, and the thought of finding items from different creative vendors sounded exciting. Now, it’s my turn. I actually brought this idea to you a lot earlier, but you weren’t interested then. What made you change your mind?

Kasia: It always takes me time to “marinate” on an idea. I reject it first, but if it’s a good idea it will stick in my brain, and I usually come around. So, you’re lucky I eventually loved the idea...even though it took a few months...hahahaha. What CD is currently playing in your car?

Basia: The soundtrack to ‘The Greatest Showman.’

Kasia: What? You have CDs? That question was meant to be a joke cause who has CDs anymore.

Basia: I do. I like owning the music.

Kasia: But on a serious note, we need to legit do a duet of “The Other Side.”

Basia: I’m down whenever you are. And we can post it on the blog.

Kasia: Only if it’s good. So….we probably won’t. (inserts laughs)

Basia: Which super power would you like to have?

Kasia: Probably being invisible. So, I can take guilt free naps. Nobody would know how often and how long I’d be sleeping. Hahaha! What super power would you like?

Basia: Flying because that is obviously the best super power. Who wouldn’t want to fly? I would travel all the time. Oh wait- I forgot i’m afraid of flying, what am I talking about?

Kasia: I don’t know. Maybe you wanted to face your fears.

Basia: Can I change my answer?

Kasia: Well this is not an official exam, so yes you can.

Basia: My super power would involve shooting sparkles of some kind, but I’m just not sure what I get out of that except for looking awesome. Next question- What’s the worst thing you have ever done?

Kasia: My calculus teacher senior year in high school didn’t like me for some reason, even though I did really well in her class. She got really hung up on the fact that I didn’t have a TI-85 calculator. Do you remember those calculators?

Basia: They were like little computers. Our kids will never know them.

Kasia: And they were over $100. That’s crazy. $100 for a calculator?! Anyway, I just had a small scientific one. So, she wrote a note to the dance coach that I didn’t have my supplies for class. My calculus teacher was really into puzzles, and always had a puzzle going on a table in the corner. On the last day, I stole one piece of her puzzle, so she will never be able to finish it. (Insert diabolical laugh)

Basia: That’s savage.

Kasia: Hahahah!!! I still have that puzzle piece somewhere. What is the worst thing you have ever done to me involving an electric outlet?

Basia: Oh my gosh! You love telling that story.

Kasia: Which story? The one where you pushed me so hard that my head slammed into an electric outlet and cracked it?

Basia: You just had to squeeze that story in to make me look like a monster. Speaking of stories- remember that time we were visiting the cousins in Poland in our younger days, and we let out all the farm animals at that one farm.

Kasia: We? You mean you. Those farmers were not impressed. (both laughing). We have way too many stories that begin with “Remember that time in Poland…” So, let’s not go off on that tangent. Hahaha!

Basia: It’s all those stories and mischievousness that have made us who we are, and I hope that we always keep things playful through even our elderly days.

Kasia: I’m sure at 80, you would still tip the canoe over for no reason other than to see my reaction. Hahaha!!! So, hypothetically, if Revelry Goods is still around when we are enjoying our golden years, where do you hope the brand will be.

Basia: I hope it evolves no matter what with the changing times and always is a safe harbor for creativity, inspiration, and whimsical playfulness.

We hope this let’s you into our world a teensy bit. We want this brand to reflect who we are, and we are excited to start on a new adventure together as sisters, friends, and the bestest partners. There will be some bickering (we are sisters after all), but always smothered in some fun, love, and just a dash of mischief.

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