Meet the Founding Mothers

Well hello there! First off, thanks for wandering around our site, and we are flattered that you would want to find out what we are all about.  In short, we are about family, shenanigans, and overusing movie quotes. Now for the longer version. Get some snacks and snuggle up in your favorite nook cause we’re about to get a little verbose.

Revelry Goods was brought into existence by two sisters, Basia and Kasia. We are first generation Polish Americans, and Texans at that. So, this means a few things- we say "y'all" and we know how to make some legit pierogi...seriously, they are babcia’s recipe (Translation: grandma’s). For the past twelve years, we have worked side by side running a beautiful event space in Northwest Houston with the privilege of hosting hundreds of gorgeous weddings, events, and festivities abound through the years. Since we began our first career adventure, we have had four children between the two of us, and have really embraced the chaotic lifestyle that comes with mom life. Having worked in the event industry for over a decade, it’s clear we love parties. We have spent so much time helping clients plan some really snazzy affairs, so naturally Revelry Goods was born, a modern party shop focused on celebrating life’s everyday festivities.

Just like in our event venue, we balance each other out which is why we make such a great pair. All the pretty and creative elements that you love about our store and brand have Basia’s name all over them. Basia’s schooling was focused on the Arts (surprise! surprise!) at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Life led her to marry and create two amazing kiddos- a sensitive, thoughtful young man named Max and a sassy future boss babe named Roxy (cue Beyonce’s ‘Run the World (Girls)’. When Basia is not using her creative genius at Revelry Goods or wrangling in her little ones she spends the rest of her time seeking out clean and organic foods, toxin free beauty supplies, and living her best “granola” life...except she doesn’t typically eat granola cause it’s not paleo.

But no right brain is complete without a left brain steering the ship. In enters Kasia. Kasia’s education was in Marketing at the University of Houston and she quite enjoys the life of spreadsheets and budgets while still being surrounded by pretty things. She too got hitched and popped out two kiddos- a high energy fella named Owen that just wants to wrestle, and little brother Frankie trying to keep up. Aside from work and family, Kasia loves naps, naps, champagne, and a relaxing bath.

Last, but certainly most important is Gigi the Giraffe. She is the glue that holds our company together. She is full of delightful whimsy and a true symbol of joy. Unlike most giraffe’s, her favorite food is cake and she loves a good hoof rub.

We have discovered some amazing creatives making unique party supplies that make even your smallest gatherings an opportunity to have some fun and think outside the box. From birthdays to bbqs, baby showers to crawfish boils, we don’t have to settle for boring or over-done. Some of us have that “event planner” inside of us that is bursting with ideas to make the ordinary extraordinary. Let that planner inside you run wild. We have created a wonderland of hand-curated modern party supplies and goodies, trendy balloons and party decor, and confetti galore.

Revelry Goods is your friendly online party shop making sure that every occasion sparkles, twinkles, or pops proving that everything is better with a touch of whimsy.  We are not only an online shop, but want to be a space for creation and inspiration. Be free! Be fun! Party on!