Houston Custom Orders

Revelry Goods is a custom event decor company specializing in modern styling of parties, weddings, retail and commercial events large and small in and around Houston, TX…but we are not against traveling. Our offerings are as small as balloon deliveries to your door or large scale installations.


FULL SERVICE EVENT INSTALLATIONS: With our full service install option we come to you and do all the work from designing to fit your space down to the install.  From balloon garlands, streamer and decor rentals, and custom party decor designed specially for you, we do it all. Full Service is offered for small setups down to full blown, ceiling to floor, no holds bar, blow your socks off bonanzas, and everything in between.

*** Minimum Order of $750 (before tax) ***



DELIVERY OPTIONS: With our delivery service you can order jumbo balloons both simple and hand lettered or painted, balloon bouquets, customized self Install balloon garlands, and even bundle the delivery with a personal cake by Becca Cakes or party products from our online shop.  All delivered to your doorstep! This is a great option for a surprise delivery to someone special or to satisfy more economical budgets. 

***Only available Monday-Friday during our studio hours***

*** Minimum Order of $50 (before tax) ***






Pricing is customized as each order is different and vary in scope of work, but here is some general pricing guidelines for our custom decor services. 

JUMBO ROUND HELIUM BALLOONS : Include 1-30” latex balloon, helium, basic ribbon, and balloon weight


Starts at $50 Per Balloon

BALLOON BOUQUETS: Want more than a single balloon? We would love to help you put together a killer balloon bundle!

Small Balloon Bundles start at $75-$125

Medium Balloon Bundles start at $125-$200

Large Balloon Bundles start at $200-$300+

ADDITIONAL BALLOON CUSTOMIZATIONS: Simple is great, but we would love to kick it up a notch to jazz up your balloon or bouquet. Here are some basic suggestions, but we also really like to be creative and happy to work on new ideas.

Custom hand lettering (20 characters max)- Starting at $25 for 16” or 24” Balloons and $50 for Jumbos

Custom hand painting- Starting at $45

Party Hat, Crown, Bows or other Fun Topper- Starting at $10

Simple Set of 6 streamers 5 foot in length- + $5

2 foot of tassels or fringe tail- + $8

3 foot of tassels or fringe tail- + $12

4 foot of tassels or fringe tail- + $15

5 foot of tassels or fringe tail- + $20

*Want a more unique balloon tail, we are happy to oblige. We love making custom tails*

Confetti fill +$15 Per Jumbo Balloon / +$8 Per 11” or 16” Balloon


Our self install balloon garlands are made of all latex balloons in our Basic Sizing (balloons ranging from 16”-5”) in standard colors. You choose the colors! These garlands come fully blown up and assembled with long fishing line at each end, ready for you to install anywhere you can tie to. This is a great option for a tight budget and available for door stop delivery or in studio pick up.

6 Foot Self Install Balloon Garland- Starts at $132

8 Foot Self Install Balloon Garland- Starts at $176

10 Foot Self Install Balloon Garland- Starts at $220

 * Custom Colors, Confetti Balloons, and other Add ons are additional *



Mini Balloon Garlands and Clusters- Made up of 11”-5” latex balloons: Starting at $15 per foot

Basic Balloon Garland - Made up of 16”-5” latex balloons: Starting at $22 per foot

Basic Plus Balloon Garland- Made up of 16"-5" latex balloons with pops of Jumbos: Starting at $28 per foot

Jumbo Balloon Garland- Made up of 30”-11” latex balloons: Starting at $33 per foot

*The Basic Balloon Garland and Jumbo Balloon Garland can be double or tripled for thicker coverage*

Streamer Rentals- $50-$150 per strand

Streamer Wall Rentals- Start at $400+

*All starting rates are for basic latex balloons. Hand painting, foil balloons, confetti filled, jumbo balloons, greenery, and other additional materials increase the rates*



Pick Up at our Studio: FREE

Delivery Service Only Inside the Loop: $15

Delivery Service Only Inside the Beltway: $20

Delivery Service Only Outside the Beltway: $22+

Delivery and Full Service Install Fee: Ranges from $250-$5K + depending on location and scope of work

*Some larger installation may be required to be built completely on site*

*Tear down is the responsibility of the client and recommended for smaller installs. For larger installations and those that request our crew come tear down, there will be an additional tear down fee applied.*

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